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Elevate Your Space with Two-Storey Solutions

20 Bay Modular Building

What is a double storey modular building?

Discover the future of space optimisation with our Double-Storey Modular Buildings. Designed for those who would like to add more space without taking up any larger footprint on-site. 

We can design, manufacture and install virtually any double-storey modular building that can meet your needs. 

Why choose a Double Storey Modular Buildings

Double-storey modular buildings are transforming a wide array of sectors with their versatile and efficient space solutions. In educational settings, they serve as an ideal option for expanding classroom space.

Healthcare facilities benefit from the addition of patient rooms, medical labs, and extended healthcare services, ensuring capacity meets demand.

Whatever your requirements a double-storey modular building can maximise utility while minimising the physical footprint.

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Laura WestmorlandLaura Westmorland
18:54 21 Mar 24
Exceptional customer service and seamless communication during the process. High-quality product was delivered quickly. Highly recommended
Travis PonsTravis Pons
16:22 05 Jan 23
Laura was quick to answer the phone and was very helpful.
Phil GittensPhil Gittens
14:53 06 Apr 20
Excellent customer service and communication throughout the build. High quality product delivered on time and in budget. Would highly recommend.

Popular Double Storey Modular Building FAQs

Yes, in most cases, double-storey modular buildings can be stacked securely. However, the number of stackable stories depends on the specific design and engineering process. We can help design and work with you to build a suitable double storey modular solution.

Double-storey modular buildings are built to meet strict standards. We utilise high-quality materials and robust construction methods to ensure exceptional strength and durability.

Double-storey modular buildings benefit from faster construction times compared to traditional building methods. The exact timeframe depends on project complexity, but it’s typically quicker than on-site construction.

While double-storey modular buildings might involve slightly higher costs due to additional materials and considerations, they offer significant space optimisation and potentially lower foundation requirements compared to building two separate single-storey units.

With standard ceiling heights, Double-storey modular buildings offer a surprising amount of space. While specific dimensions vary depending on design, they can comfortably accommodate various functions.