Portable Canteen

Enhance Your Worksite Efficiency with a Portable Canteen.

We Manufacture Portable Canteens

Portable canteens offer a convenient and cost-effective way to provide workers with a comfortable and dedicated space to rest, have meals, and socialise during breaks.

The versatility of portable cabins eliminates the need for lengthy commutes or relying on nearby cafes, keeping your team focused and productive throughout the workday.

Portable Canteens & Site Welfare Units

Portable Cabins can be manufactured and customised to include features like kitchens, restrooms, break room areas, and even office space for site managers. This creates a self-contained facility that caters to all your workers’ needs.

We can manufacture virtually any size portable canteen to meet your unique requirements.

portable canteen

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Laura WestmorlandLaura Westmorland
18:54 21 Mar 24
Exceptional customer service and seamless communication during the process. High-quality product was delivered quickly. Highly recommended
Travis PonsTravis Pons
16:22 05 Jan 23
Laura was quick to answer the phone and was very helpful.
Phil GittensPhil Gittens
14:53 06 Apr 20
Excellent customer service and communication throughout the build. High quality product delivered on time and in budget. Would highly recommend.

Portable Canteen FAQs

Portable canteens offer numerous advantages for construction sites:

  • Improved worker productivity: Reduced travel time for meals and breaks keeps workers on-site and focused.

  • Enhanced morale and well-being: Provides a comfortable and dedicated space for workers to relax and recharge.

  • Cost-effective solution: Portable canteens offer a more affordable alternative to building permanent structures.

  • Flexibility and customisation: As mentioned above we can manufacture any sizes and configurations to suit specific needs and can be easily relocated as your project progresses.

  • Improved safety: Reduces the risk of accidents associated with workers wandering off-site for meals.

As we manufacture portable cabins, we can create any size that you require.

Whether you need a 32ft x 10ft single cabin or a double storey modular building to accommodate your site welfare needs.

We can help configure, design, manufacture and install your tailored solution.

Absolutely! We can manufacture your portable canteen fully customised to meet your requirements. 

If you are looking to use your portable canteen as a fully fitted out kitchen, we would discuss with you elements such as:

  • Electrical Requirements: Commercial catering equipment can use high amounts of power consumption. So it is important that we discuss your power needs and make sure we have adequate supply installed.

  • Internal Cladding Options: Generally with commercial registrered kitchens you will be required to have washable walls, ceilings and floors by the enviromental health office. We have various options available.

  • Extraction & Ventilation: Again, if you are going to use your canteen as a commercial kitchen, you will need to have adequate ventilation and extraction in place where you are cooking.

We have many years experience in the industry and have helped many construction sites build their perfect portable canteen solution.

Due to their prefabricated nature, portable canteens can be installed quickly and efficiently, minimising disruption to your construction project.

The installation timeframe can vary depending on the size and complexity of the chosen unit, but it’s typically a much faster process compared to traditional building projects.