Create a Better Work Environment With a Portable Canteen / Welfare Unit

Improve your workplace enviroment by installing a portable canteen or portable welfare unit. We can manufacture any size unit to suit your requirements. From jack leg cabins to anti-vandal solutions.

Every business thrives on a happy and productive workforce. However, a lack of essential facilities can create a demotivating environment. This is where portable canteens and welfare units come in – offering a cost-effective and versatile solution to elevate your worksite.

The Versatility of Portable Welfare Units

Portable welfare units aren’t just about basic necessities. They can be customised to create a range of functional spaces, including:

  • Portable Canteens: Provide a dedicated space for staff to relax, socialise, and enjoy hot meals during breaks.

  • Rest Areas: Offer a comfortable environment for employees to recharge and return to work refreshed.

  • Changing Facilities: Ensure workers have a clean and secure space to change into work clothes or uniforms.

  • Washing / Shower Blocks: Maintain hygiene with well-maintained washing and showering facilities.

  • Drying Rooms and Locker Rooms: Allow workers to store belongings safely and dry out after a long day.


These units can be further enhanced with features, such as lockers, washbasins, shower cubicles, toilets and urinals, cabinets and sinks, tables and chairs, and more. This creates a comfortable and well-equipped space that caters to all your staff’s needs.

The Benefits of Enhanced Wellbeing

Investing in portable canteens or welfare units goes beyond just providing amenities.

Here’s how it impacts your workforce:

  • Improved Health and Hygiene: Clean and well-maintained facilities reduce the risk of illness and promote good hygiene practices.

  • Enhanced Comfort and Convenience: Offering dedicated break areas, storage, and potentially even on-site food prep facilities improve staff comfort and convenience. This reduces the need for off-site breaks, saving time and money.

  • Boosted Productivity: Employees who feel comfortable and well-rested are more likely to be productive. On-site break areas minimise distractions and ensure staff return to work refreshed and focused.

  • Increased Morale and Retention: A work environment that prioritises employee well-being fosters higher morale and job satisfaction, ultimately leading to lower staff turnover.


Complying with Regulations Made Easy

Most businesses have legal obligations to provide certain on-site facilities for their staff.

Portable buildings offer a quick and compliant solution that meets all necessary regulations.

Many units can be installed within a matter of days, minimising disruption to your operation. Additionally, customisation options ensure accessibility standards are met for all employees.

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